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Class Schedules

6:15pm & 7:30pm

Monday - Thursday

(approx one-hour classes)

Canine Sports Academy


Upcoming Classes

We’ve recently changed class names. Our Basic I class is for those moving on from puppy classes as well as all first-time dogs with no formal training. 

We will work on all behavior challenges, general commands, leash walking, more solid recalls, leave it, wait and stays. Basic II is more advanced perfection in developing better teamwork between dog and handler and moving onto competitive obedience.

Contact Kathy.Rasmussen2020@gmail.com if interested. We close for the year on Mon. Dec. 19th. We plan to start our 2023 classes the week of Jan. 9th.

**Go ahead and register for any class you may be interested in taking with us. It helps us judge what classes are in demand. It also gets you on our waitlist and will be notified of scheduling.


March 20th Intermediate Rally 6:15 PM

March 21st Beginner Puppy 6:15 PM

March 22nd Basic I 11:00AM and CGC 6:15 PM

March 27th Are You Ready 2 Go 7:30 PM

March 28th Basic I 6:15PM

March 29th Reactivity and Desensitization 7:30 PM

March 30th Polite Puppy 6:15 PM


April 4th Basic II 7:30 PM


Beginner Puppy or Polite Puppy (determined by age and size of puppy)

Basic I Obedience 

Basic II Obedience,

Canine Good Citizen plus CGCA and CGCU

Rally Obedience

Fitness and Trick, Nose Mapping (Scent), Therapy Dog and more

Important Class Info

  • Regular class sessions are approximately one hour long.
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sundays by reservation ONLY for special events.
  • The class fee is $175 (total) for the 7-week class.
  • Each Class meets once a week
  • Payment is due the first night of the class

  • CASH OR CHECK ONLY. We do not accept credit cards.

Questions can be emailed to our Training Director.

Beginner Puppy

This class is designed for all pups 8 weeks up to 20 weeks in age. Puppies begin to learn good manners and basic leash training. It introduces puppies to social play with other puppies and humans. The class will offer assistance on crate training, housebreaking, biting and chewing. 

Polite Puppy

This class follows Beginner Puppy for puppies 5 to 7 months old. It is more of the same with assistance in other puppy challenges, better leash work, more on commands, and the AKC S.T. A.R. Puppy evaluation at the last class.

Basic 1 & 2

Basic I is next in progression after either of the puppy classes. It is also where all first-time dogs with no formal training will start. The class covers all behavior challenges, general commands. leash work, come and more.

Basic II next in line with all that have completed Basic I. it reinforces leash control, sit, down, stay commands and social behaviors. It’s a more formal obedience course with heeling, automatic sits, stand stay, figure eights and more. It also builds teamwork between dog and handler

Canine Good Citizen

The main focus is the 10 steps necessary to pass the Canine Good Citizen evaluation. Basic obedience skills are required.

Advanced CGC

Community Good Citizen is the advanced Canine Good Citizen class. The CGC class will have two off-site classes. One at a local restaurant and one at a local store permitting dogs. Both CGC and CGCA are excellent classes to have under one's belt when moving onto Therapy Dog work. Basic Obedience skills are required.

Urban Canine Citizen

AKC Urban Canine Citizen requires that the dog demonstrate CGC skills and beyond in a setting that includes traffic, crowds, noises, smells and other distractions that are present in a city or town. This is a public access test that demonstrates a well-behaved and trained dog in public settings.

Rally Obedience - Intro & Advanced

Rally Obedience is one of AKC's titling sports. It’s a perfect starting point for those who are new to canine sports. Rally provides an introduction to most Companion Events for dogs and handlers to strengthen their skills. Basic obedience skills are required.


This is a drop-in class which means you can come any time you choose and only pay a $10 fee. It's for dogs and handlers competing in the dog show ring. Emphasis will be on perfecting one's techniques for better ring presentation.

Newcomers are Welcome!

Classes are held on Sundays. Please watch our Facebook page for the schedule.

Trick Dog

We have three Certified Trick Dog instructors to assist you with "Do More With Your Dog". We have four of us who are also CGC Evaluators and can certify those wanting to test for their AKC Trick Titles

Canine Fitness

We have two Master Trainers in Canine Fitness. This is a great opportunity to increase your dog's confidence, get your athletic dog in better shape and build a better team.

Scent Classes

A fun class for games or competition. Classes could lead to scent venues such as UKC Nose Work or AKC Scentwork. It also is a great energy burner.


Agility training for multiple venues are available.

For class information contact okpawsk9agility@gmail.com

Are You Ready? Introduction to Obedience Ring

This course is designed for the team of dog and handler to perfect heeling, fronts, recalls and stand for exam. Course will also introduce AKC Beginner Novice and Novice skills. Course is also for the handler that may never enter the obedience ring with their dog but wants to strengthen their teamwork. Prerequisite of Beginner Rally preferred to take this course.

Reactivity and Desensitization

This course is designed to help reactive dogs and their owners work on desensitizing common stimuli. The goal of this class is to help handlers feel more confident in their ability to understand and redirect their dogs behavior. This class will have lower attendance to allow for more room between dogs and will meet in person every other week with a homework week between in person meetings.

Severe Weather Conditions

Please note that any time there is severe weather in the immediate area of Canine Sports Academy, we will cancel classes and add a week so you don’t miss any information. We believe everyone’s safety should come first.

If it is bad weather, your instructor will try to call you. We will post a note on this website, in our yahoo groups (which everyone can join), and on Facebook. We will also try to send you an email if we have your email. Or just call your instructor if you aren’t sure.