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Join our pack!

With hundreds of satisfied clients, Canine Sports Academy has a track record for having fun and providing a family friendly environment for everyone. Find out why so many people keep coming back for more.

Class Schedule

Schedule is subject to change

Train with your dog in comfort.

Leave the dog days outside with the ONLY climate controlled facility in the area.

Accommodating all your needs

In the heart of Oklahoma

Our massive 6200sq/ft fully air-conditioned building drops jaws and wags tails! Conveniently situated in Norman by Riverwind Casino, we have the indoor and outdoor space to handle all of your canine training needs. Come check out our one of a kind facility and what we have to offer!

No dog is too old to learn a new trick.

Whether they're a little pup or are long in the tooth, we're here for any of your dog training needs.

Through their extensive experience, our team has encountered every type of training scenario, giving them the ability to recognize subtle cues and potential roadblocks.

Meet our canine gurus!

We have a wealth of knowledge gained from working with a diverse range of breeds, temperaments, and behavioral challenges. We can accurately assess your dog's unique needs and tailor a training program that addresses your specific goals while building a solid foundation of obedience and trust. We know how to be firm, patient, and creative while adapting our approach to your dog's individual needs.

Treats for everyone.

We understand that training extends beyond basic commands. That's why we emphasize comprehensive behavioral training, including socialization, impulse control and problem solving. By fostering good manners and proper etiquette, we lay the groundwork for your dog to become a well-adjusted member of society, capable of navigating various environments with confidence and composure.

Improved Obedience

Dog training enhances a dog's ability to follow commands and behave appropriately in various situations.

Strengthened Bond

Foster a deeper connection between a dog and its owner, building trust and understanding.


Exposing dogs to different people, animals, and environments helps them become more comfortable and confident in social settings.

Better Behavior

Learn proper behaviors, such as not jumping on people, not begging for food, and waiting patiently at doors.

Reduced Separation Anxiety

Help your dog cope with being alone. Minimize separation anxiety and related destructive behaviors.

Mental Stimulation

Exercise your dog's mind, providing mental enrichment and preventing boredom or destructive behaviors.

Largest variety of services around!

With roughly a dozen different classes, we are a one stop shop for all things dog training.


Just like people, dogs need guidance to be their best well-behaved selves. We help you and your dog both learn how to effectively live together


Dogs aren't just people's best friend, they can also be superheroes! We train highly skilled dogs that can help make real differences in the world


An active dog is a happy and healthy dog. Get the most out of those zoomies with our canine athlete classes for a longer and happier life.

Proven Pedigree

Decades of experience.

When it comes to nurturing a well-behaved and balanced canine companion, choosing an experienced dog trainer can make all the difference. With years of honing their craft and a profound understanding of canine behavior, these seasoned professionals possess the expertise necessary to guide both you and your furry friend through a transformative training journey.

Come play the day away.

Fun for the whole family, we have a little something for everyone. Our classes are a great way to get out of the house and connect with all your loved ones in a meaningful way. See why our clients keep coming back.

30217 Santa Fe Ave, Norman, OK 73072, USA