Classes Offered
  • Our regular class sessions are
approximately one hour long.
  • Class Fee $125 total for 7wk sessions (once a week) .
  • Some class sizes are limited.
  • Friday, Saturday and Sundays by reservation ONLY
    for special events.

Cat or Dog Food
    Donations Appreciated

Drop in, $10 per Handler

Drop in, $10 per Handler

WED, FEB 27 6:15PM
(Heather & DeAnn)

WED, MAR 6th 7:30PM
(with Heather)

WED, MAR 13 7:30PM
(with DeAnn)

MON, MAR 25 6:15PM
(with Le)

Notice - during SEVER WEATHER CONDITIONS (anytime
0f year) is in the immediate area of the Academy - we
will cancel classes and  add a week on so you don't
miss any of the information.  We believe everyone's
safety should come first.  If there is bad Weather, your
instructor will try to call you - we will post a note on
this web site, our yahoo groups (which everyone can
join), on Facebook and try to send  you an email if we
have it.  Or - just call your instructor if you aren't sure.

These are descriptions of some of our core
classes that are offered at the Academy.  

Beginner Puppy - This class is designed for all pups 8 weeks to 4 months in
age. Puppies begin to learn good manners and basic leash training.  It
introduces puppies to social play with other puppies and humans.  The class will
offer assistance on crate training and house breaking, and address common
problems such as biting, chewing, digging, and jumping. At the end of the class,
the puppies will take their AKC STAR Puppy evaluation.
Basic I Obedience - This course teaches and reinforces basic leash control,
sit, down, come, stay commands, and helps with social behaviors at home and
away.  Any dog 4 months or older is allowed. (Some large breeds can start this
class at 3 months.)
Basic II Obedience - This course is a more formal obedience course with
heeling, good automatic sits, introduction to front and finish exercises, stand-
stay, figure eights, and off-lead work. Main focus is the 10 steps necessary to
pass the Canine Good Citizen evaluation. (Basic Obedience skills required)
Community Good Citizen (Advanced Canine Good Citizen) is a
separate class training toward  another AKC certification.  The CGC class will
have two off site classes. One at a local restaurant and one at a local store
permitting dogs. Both CGC and CGCA are excellent classes to have under ones
belt when moving onto Therapy Dog work. (Basic Obedience skills required)
Rally Obedience - This is one of AKC's titling sports. Other venues also
support Rally sometime with a slightly different name There have been many
changes in Rally obedience and it's a very popular team build activity.
( Basic obedience skills required).
Conformation - We offer two drop in classes for dogs competing in the dog
show ring.  The classes are designed for people and dogs already familiar with
ring procedures of AKC shows. Emphasis will be on perfecting one's
techniques of better ring presentation. One class is specifically designed for our
up and coming Junior Handlers. NEWCOMERS WELCOME!
Agility -  This is a sport in which dog and handler work as a team. We offer a
Foundation Class (Intro level). Beginner I and II followed by Novice. It shows the
dog's willingness to work and requires conditioning, concentration, and training.
(Prerequisite: Basic Obedience skills)
Therapy Dog Skills Class - this special class is set up to help you pass your
Pet Therapy test and help you work towards finding a way to go to hospitals,
senior citizens homes, or other areas that our pets are needed to help warm the
heart of someone who needs TLC.
TRICK DOG CLASSES AND TITLING - We have three Certified Trick Dog
instructors to assist you with "Do More With Your Dog".  We have four of us
who are also CGC Evaluators  and can certify those wanting to test for their
AKC Trick Titles (New for 2017)
CANINE FITNESS - We have two Master Trainers in Canine Fitness. Great
opportunity to increase your dog's confidence, get your athletic dog in better
shape and build a better team.
Terrier Mix
English Springer Spaniel
Schnazuer Puppy
Basset Hound
Labrador Retreiver
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
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