Canine Sports Academy
"Where we help turn your dog into a better family member"
Revolutionary Exercise System for Dogs
Each JOG A DOG canine treadmill is engineered to
exacting standards derived from thirty years of
research and innovation. Designed with the input of
veterinarians, physical therapists and engineers, JOG
A DOG is truly the best exercise system available for
the most discriminating consumer.

Key Benefits
End unruly behavior
Reduce risk of serious injury
Provide versatility in exercise
Develop muscle strength & stamina
Control your dog's exercise regimen
Provide exercise in adverse weather
Prevent obesity & associated problems
Improve health, well-being & longevity
Correct faults in movement
Exercise many dogs quickly & effortlessly
Condition muscles to show ring speed
Maintain a vibrant coat year-round
How Much???
25 cents a minute
or buy one of our minute plans!

60 minutes $14.00 (23 cents a minute)
90 minutes $24 (20 cents a minute)
180 minutes $27 (15 cents a minute)